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  Bitlong   A Future Digital Cash
A Safer Electronic Peer-to-Peer Payment System
A Payment Way You Can Spend Anytime Anywhere

¡ñ We Are Trading On This Three Exchanges,More Exchanges Is Coming Soon.

¡ñ We will update twitter every week,it will be listed on more and more international Exchanges.
¡ñ We will build a 100,000 user community based on long-term development£¬more airdrop coming soon.
¡ñ To impove our token¡¯s investment value,We will keep BTL token¡¯s price more steadier and establish business
relationship with more corporations and develop over 1,000 business partners.

Token address:

Payments confirmation
in less than a second.
Protect your financial information,
ensure your activity history and keep your balances for private.
Transactions are confirmed by 200 TerraHash of X11 ASIC computing power and over 2,100 servers hosted around the world.
Easy to use, no trouble
Low fees
Any Transactions around the world only for a few cents.

The Unique Technology

Bitlong(BTL) uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with; Bitlong(BTL) is open-source; Its design is public. Nobody owns or controls Bitlong(BTL) and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitlong(BTL) allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

The Fastest Growing Network

Thanks to incentivization, Bitlong(BTL)¡¯s network has grown to 2,100 masternodes, More nodes means more secure services, meaning Bitlong(BTL)¡¯s peer-to-peer network is one of the safest in the world.

New Digital Currency Evolution

What's next? We want Bitlong(BTL) digital currency to be so easy to use around the world. Bitlong(BTL)¡¯s network will enable you to sign up and access your Bitlong(BTL) from any device and transact as easily as you can with Alipay, but in a fully decentralized way.

Our Vision

Anyone can join ABBC and participate in sharing and distributing financial assets in a safe way

ABBC Foundation new team is dreaming of a more perfect platform that connects the entire world's shopping industry through the blockchain technology.

For the past few decades,facial recognition technology has been developed into many various ways. The world is still finding the best solution that can satisfy everyone in matters of service as well as safety. The mobile smartphone has helped this industry to grow faster, and we are planning to deliver our technology to the people in the most satisfying form of solution

Imagine a new type of platform where everyone can have more confidence in their own trading, own asset storage, and payment for cryptocurrency. This market will allow us to discover more needs and value to the people who are seeking for a more combined and secured structure, and blockchain will enable us to create a new future.


The BTL Ecosystem brings together many Blockchain companies all under one umbrella-type group. Each partner within the Ecosystem works independently and focuses on their specific expertise, but also collaborates with other partners in the Ecosystem for the advancement of the Crypto world.

What is the Bitlong Foundation, the BTL token Ecosystem, and the BTL token?

The BTL token Foundation is a community of over 200 people around the world, with deep backgrounds of old economy mixed with blockchain who have the same goal: Making Cryptocurrency simple and safe! Easy to access, easy to spend and therefore easy to use, what will result in mass adoption. As we have all been in ¡°old-world¡° business for a long time, we know how to successfully create valuable products and companies from scratch, and achieve global awareness.
With the combined knowledge and expertise of our entire community, we are building up a network of technology partners with specialists in distinct fields and adding them to our ecosystem.

Additionally, we are developing our own solutions with technology suppliers that will provide the merchant gateway and the messaging solution or a portfolio manager app within the BTL token Ecosystem.
With these, we have the biggest advantage compared to other projects who have also started from bare roots.The projects we adopt are either ready to be launched or will be launched soon. We¡®re not burdened by long schedules, or informing the public that development for something will take 12 months to complete. Instead, we just do it.

Our BTL token will be the main means of payment within the Ecosystem, while our partners¡® tokens of course will also be there. In our own solutions, the BTL token will also be the main token, but Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others will also be accepted.
The best example of what we are doing is reflected in a partnership with BTA. They joined us a couple weeks ago and can now focus on developing their technology without needing to allocate resources on marketing, promotion, etc.

They have built a seamless wallet, integrated some ideas from us, and are almost ready to launch it to the market. Therefore, we were very happy to have them join our team and exchange ideas and knowledge.
With this strategic partnership, our team has not wasted time or money in building our own wallet for BTL holders. For BTA, this means that they are able to entirely focus on development while we managworth the marketing and expand the BTL token/BTA ecosystem by continuously creating more use cases with merchants and buyers.

The main difference between our community and Bitcoin¡¯s or Ethereum¡¯s is that BTL token is building real world value with many use cases. Additionally, BTL token is faster and has much lower transaction fees;
which makes it possible to buy a pizza within seconds and this for a negligible additional charge. As Bitlong is a Foundation, we are working on a fair strategy that will provide a way for every holder of BTL to benefit from the profits of the ecosystem.

For Merchants and Consumers in a nutshell:
Make- and Receive Online payments
Buy and Sell Coins directly
Support for all crypto currencies like BTL token
24x7 operational support for customers
Pay out in currency of choice
Free service: T-Zero instant Crypto payment technology


¡ñSymbol:BTL ¡ñType:ERC20 ¡ñTotal supply:1,000,000,000BTL
¡ñCirculation:40% ¡ñPresale£º25% ¡ñTeam:20% ¡ñCrowdsale:15%

The Crowdsale£¨phase1£©
The Crowdsale£¨phase2£©
Dce.15 2017 GMT+8-Dce.31 2017 GMT+8
Jan.01 2018 GMT+8-Jan.15 2018 GMT+8
Jan.16 2018 GMT+8-Jan.31 2018 GMT+8

¡ñAll BTL tokens will be burned if not sold out during the Crowdsale.

¡ñBTL tokens the Presale and Team hold will be locked in next five years,We will Release 5% of annual .

2018.12.16-2019.12.16 Release 5%
2019.12.16-2020.12.16 Release 5%
2020.12.16-2021.12.16 Release 5%
2021.12.16-2022.12.16 Release 5%
2022.12.16-2023.12.16 Release 5%
2023.12.16-2024.12.16 Release the rest

Token Allocation

Funds Use
Core development£º40%
Reserve Fund£º20%
Legal & Accounting£º8%


¡ñFor the block chain address of BTL Presale and Crowdsale, 100 BTL tokens are given to each address.
¡ñWe will send 5-500 BTL tokens to everyone who follows us on twitter and joins our telegram group.

AIRDROP Unconditional
Token Address:
Symbol: Bitlong BTL
Decimals: 6
A NEW deposit address: 0x09a264Af63d83758B255cA3aEF3635173Ad586CD
¡ñ1ETH=16000BTL  1BTL=0.03USD 10%bonus


project start
Technology research and development start work
Developer beta on texten
Public bug bounty for our betting smart
Exchange listing
Release concept validation implementation
Smart announcement¡¢smart contract¡¢
code audit¡¢Public testnet beta
The experimental network released
Main network online
System start exchange
Mobil app¡¢satatus im integration
The link and connection of ecosystem














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