BitlongA Future Digital Cash
A Safer Electronic Peer-to-Peer Payment System
A Payment Way You Can Spend Anytime Anywhere
Proxycard currency of the future
To further empower our vision of bringing crypto applications and tools to mainstream users the BTL Foundation is proud to present to you a hardware wallet with instant access to the blockchain through proxycard. We are paving the way forward to having Crypto currency for everyone with a simple and user oriented app so that everyone can utilize the currency of the future.

Proxy card makes Ethereum Secure and instantly accessible for everyone everywhere.
Proxy Wallet will be the safe storage for your BTL tokens as well as the primary application for parts of our ecosystem. It offers several security features Different applications we develop and will launch soon will also use the Proxy Wallet to process transactions, such as a messenger solution that is based on the merchant gateway as well as an easy ¡°buy-crypto¡± option.
GCT Goblal Crypto Time
Globalcryptotime unites crypto-related projects from all over the world and make crypto easy for everybody, a solution to resolve confusion and headache caused by unnecessary calculations related to time and schedules.
Aworker Blockchain Platform for the Recruitment Industry
Aworker is a blockchain platform for the recruitment. Aworker is aimed to change the recruitment market. With the help of WORK tokens and Ethereum blockchain technology, Aworker will help people find a better job, and companies to select the most competent employees.
Jetcoin Institute was established as a unique launch pad for tomorrow¡¯s superstars in the fields of music, sports and media. With a unique concept that is powered by the revolutionary blockchain technology, Jetcoin Institute is disrupting the traditional celebrity-fan relationship and bringing the two together like never before. Through the Jetcoin Institute¡¯s platform, individuals can actively contribute to transform a promising talent into tomorrow¡¯s super star and benefit from the windfall in the process.
CryptoCriterion is a TRUE middleman in the crypto world. They work with both coin developers AND investors to work out the kinks in the relationship between them both. Generally, that comes down to marketing and research on the behalf of the company, in order to further their reach and solidify their stance in the crypto world. We have one goal: and that is to make true utility go viral when we see it. As part of the ecosystem, we all flourish when the exposure is at the highest point possible and continues to grow.
MoxyOne is an ingenious solution to the issue of under-utilised cryptocurrencies. It allows companies to incorporate a reliable financial infrastructure within their existing ecosystems that gives their token holders an opportunity to spend their tokens. With features such as a debit card, wallet system and virtual debit card, users will be able to make purchases within company ecosystems and ¡°real-world¡± merchants worldwide.
eBoost is a peer to peer mechanism within the esports trading space. eBoost has been around for 2 years and founded by crypto pioneers Nicholas Thomas and Marshall Long.
eBoost has a vast p2p community within the esports ecosystem with over 50,000 gamers using their platforms daily. The biggest of those being tradecentral, a peer to peer trading platform on discord with eBoost as its main medium of exchange. eBoost also sponsors some of the top teams in eSports including Rocket League Dynasty Mock-it Esports.
Ecosystem Smart Contracts secured by the Leading Formal Audit Platform, Made in Switzerland.
ChainSecurity offers the first automated formal audit platform for smart contracts. The founders of ChainSecurity are the creators of, the popular Ethereum smart contract analyzer. ChainSecurity provides the only automated formally verified audits, based on the latest research from ETH Zurich.
Artificial Intelligence Powered Freelance Job Platform on Blockchain. Boon Tech is an IBM Business Partner and use IBM Watson AI for all AI implementation on the platform. Entrepreneurs and freelancers meet to carry out transactions involving freelance services with crypto currency rewards. First ever free freelancer marketplace in the world that reward a freelancer and the employer who uses the platform.
We have a patent pending on solving the fluctuation of crypto currency in our platform.
AI powered ranking and rating system.
Live language translation in the platform.
AI powered identity protection.